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Character generator for artists.

Personality and visual for any random character. S'ppose to be drawing fun for artist or inspiration for actual characters. Goes all the way to male/female, likes/dislikes, straight/gay, and then random info at the end. Yay.


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Arkio Dharkaea Forgot His Password Childish Caribbean man who likes flirting with boys, dislikes the moon, and has an overactive imagination. This guy seems awesomely eccentric enough. He probably has Aspergers like me since I'm also childish with an overactive imagination.
7:21 AM on 12/4/13
Arkio Dharkaea Forgot His Password Ok, this is so much fun and well made! I can't stop generating!
7:24 AM on 12/4/13
Xoriu Ignorant Mexican boy who likes being mean, dislikes romance, and has a mysterious creature that follows them around
4:48 PM on 9/8/19
savvysapphic "Eccentric white boy who likes doughnuts, dislikes getting hugs, and has an amazing cooking skill" ECCENTRIC WHITE BOY - 10/10
10:31 AM on 8/18/22

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