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Anime Boy Generator (Version 6.0)

Mixing the utility use of your average colourful generator with the simple pleasures of having a massive pool of character quirks to choose from!


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Dionaeamuscipula It's descriptive enough to be better than mos I've seen!
1:34 PM on 5/23/13
minecraft4evas I use this for my stories. Main character: This withdrawn boy has silver hair that's spiky and slitted pink eyes. He likes writing and is lazy. He also has piercings.
4:49 PM on 11/29/14
minecraft4evas This sauve boy has peach hair in a pixie cut style and glistening white eyes. He likes ghost stories and can't bake. He also has....*gets thrown off*shark teeth....
4:51 PM on 11/29/14
SweetMarshmallowPony This no-nonsense boy has violet hair with a braid crown and menacing cyan eyes. He likes pleasant sensations and experiments with weird things. He has no eyebrows
4:35 AM on 2/19/15
sinister101 This creepy boy has forest green hair that's full of hair decs and cat-like purple eyes. He likes terrible romance novels and he's very emotionally volatile. He's also kind of tiny.
8:37 PM on 4/2/15
sinister101 This submissive boy has brown hair with a braid crown and dark red eyes. He likes drawing and has self destructive tendencies. He's also wearing a nice hat.
8:38 PM on 4/2/15
McWhipplestick "This submissive boy has moss-colored hair that flips up at the ends and dark green eyes. He likes trees and is manipulative out of habit. He's also deaf." I love him already.
3:29 PM on 12/26/17

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