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  • Drunk Name Generator   
    Everyone's been there. A few too many drinks at the office Christmas party or during the Super Bowl. Who do you turn into? Find out here.
  • The Outrage Generator   
    Want to be outraged about something but not sure where to start? Start here with our Outrage Generator.
  • Alternative Swear Word Generator   
    Alternative swear words can get you out of a lot of jams including kids' birthdays, church picnics, office Christmas parties and more.
  • The Rambling Trump Generator   
    Donald Trump is a painter with words. A muddled, deranged painter using a skunk's tail for a paintbrush and hamburger grease for paint, but a painter nonetheless. Now you can create endless nonsense that sounds like it came from his shiny, orange face.
  • Gift Idea Helper   
    Have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for Christmas list? Let us inspire you.
  • Startup Idea Generator   
    Stop what you're doing, move to Silicon Valley, click the button and sprint to the nearest venture capital firm you can find.
  • Donald Trump Slogan Generator   
    We've come up with a great, really amazing tool Trump supporters can use to spread The Donald's message of a better future. USA! USA! USA!
  • James Bond Villain Generator   
    James Bond without an insane super villain to fight against is basically just a suave, womanizing douchebag. To ensure an endless supply of bond villains we've built the "Bond Villian Generator.
  • Guy Fieri Restaurant Menu Generator   
    Guy Fieri has a killer time raging out rockin' food at his awesome Bro-staurant. Now you can totally jam out food just like him with the Guy Fieri Restaurant Menu Generator.
  • Halloween Costume Idea Generator   
    Halloween costume ideas don't always just jump out at you like an overzealous haunted house worker. Sometimes you need a little Halloween help. Look no further.
  • Business Name Generator   
    Business name challenged? Do some name-storming! Your company can get a slick, buzzworthy name in one click with our Business Name Generator.
  • The Fake Girlfriend Generator   
    Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend has been all over the news and we figured there are plenty of guys out there who have become interested creating their own fake girlfriends.
  • Fake Name Generator   
    Need a fake name? We won't ask why. Generate your own with this handy tool.
  • Dog Name Generator   
    The name you choose for your dog will be shouted many times over the course of it's life. Make sure it's a good one.
  • Bucket List Generator   
    Need some bucket list ideas to make sure you lead a satisfying and potentially dangerous life?
  • Gift Ideas Generator   
    Gift ideas are hard to come by so let our Gift Ideas Generator do the work for you.
  • Consumer Confidence Index Generator   
    The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) is generated by with a combination of Haitian voodoo and randomly-generated numbers. Results may vary.
  • Kung Fu Movie Generator   
    Now you can lose a Saturday to creating your own martial arts masterpiece. Click until you find your true path to glory,
  • Password Generator   
    Having trouble coming up with another password? Let Generator Land help with a strong and memorable password.
  • Reality Show Generator   
    Given our hunger for more and more everyday shmoes pretending to be real in front of cameras and millions of people, we offer the Reality Show Generator.
  • Personal Bio Generator   
    Polishing off a new resume? Heading out on a speaking tour? Registering at a dating site? Well then you need a dynamic and interesting personal bio.
  • The Beck Song Generator   
    Be as funky and obtuse as Beck himself. Just keep clicking the button and reading the lyrics as they come up. After three minutes you'll have a song.
  • Blog Post Idea Generator   
    Trouble coming up with your next blog post? We're here to help! Just click the button until a blog post idea strikes your fancy.
  • Business Book Title Generator   
    Books about business sell like hotcakes despite the fact that many of them recycle the same tired concepts with a snappy title and a slightly different spin. Now it's time to take your turn on the New York Times Best Seller list.
  • Meal Plan Generator   
    Meal Plans are helpful but producing a new one every week can be a bit laborious. Hence, we've developed a Weekly Meal Plan Generator. Just click the "Plan Meals" button and you'll instantly receive a quick and balanced meal plan, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bon appetit!
  • Facebook Status Generator   
    Sometimes, try as you might, you just can't seem to come up with anything interesting to post on Facebook. We're here to help.
  • Misfit Toy Generator   
    Generate your own Misfit Toys! There were more misfit toys on the Island of Misfit Toys than the ones you saw in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
  • Plot Generator   
    Generate hundreds of plot ideas for your next book, short story, screenplay, etc.? Don't let writer's block stand in the way of your next masterwork.
  • Haiku Generator   
    Unleash your inner poet. Just click the Haiku Generator button and get ready to tell people they can read "whatever they want" into your poem. It "lives its own life" and can "mean many things." Yeah.
  • Attack Move Generator   
    Generate new ways to bring the pain. Generator Land is not responsible for any damages resulting from you being stupid enough to actually attempt any of them.
  • Craft Beer Name Generator   
    Glance at enough microbrew labels and you'll start to wonder what the brewers were smoking (or drinking) when they came up with the name on the label. Or maybe they just used our Beer Name Generator.
  • College Bowl Game Generator   
    It seems the NCAA adds a few new bowl games every year. In a few more years every college football team will play in a bowl. Let's get ready...
  • World of Warcraft (WoW) Name Generator   
    Generate an awesome name for your WoW character! Look no further than our World of Warcraft Name Generator. Click the button until you have a name that will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.
  • Hillbilly Menu Generator   
    Get authentic Hillbilly cookin' down at the Swamp Shack. Let's see what's on the menu today.
  • Sorority Life Name Generator   
    A savvy sorority girl wants the fiercest Sorority Life Name if she wants to get herself into the best house. Get yours right here.
  • Celebrity Throwdown Generator   
    Take two random celebrities and pit them against each other in a random contest of skill. Prepare to defend your answer! Wagering encouraged!
  • Harry Potter Sequel Generator   
    Now the Harry Potter series will never end. When you get a hankering for the teen wizards just generate a whole new sequel.
  • Celebrity Fad Diet Generator   
    It's time you dropped a few pounds, lost that spare tire, and quit walking around the house in sweat pants.
  • Hot Sauce Name Generator   
    It's time to light up your next meal with a tongue-searing, throat melting, stomach boiling sauce full of fire and bad intentions. Plus, you get to name it.
  • Race Horse Name Generator   
    Having trouble naming your thoroughbred or need an appellation for your fine filly? The Horse Name Generator will generate a name that will always win by a nose.
  • Twitter Status Generator   
    Sometimes the banalities of life just don't make for solid Twitter or Facebook status updates. Add a little mystery and confusion with the Twitter Status Generator.
  • Mudslinging Generator   
    It's never too late to launch a scathing assault on your political opponent. Whether you're a republican, democrat or independent, throw truth, decorum, and common decency out the window and generate your attack with this handy tool.
  • Office Personality Generator   
    The Office Personality Generator determines your preferred work style through the simple selection of a series of carefully chosen words.
  • Confucius Quote Generator   
    Confucius quotes are full of wisdom and lessons, which you won't find here. However you can generate something Confucius' drunken idiot brother might say instead. Because a fool can enslave a camel but must always lay with a canary.
  • Web 2.0 Job Title Generator   
    With Web 2.0 came a flood of people whose titles sounded more like whimsical forest spirits than business people. Business cards became cool again and now it seems there's competition for bizarre job titles.
  • Motorcycle Gang Name Generator   
    It's time to head out on the highway with your new bike and a bunch of foul-mouthed friends with an appetite for the road. You need an asphalt-chewing, 70's rock-listening, name that will induce fear into the general public and make Johnny Law think twice about messing with you.
  • Mob Name Generator   
    You wept when the Sopranos ended. You've Seen all the Godfather movies, even the third one, a hundred times. Now you want in. You want to get made. Why not start with a good mob name? We're here to offer you a name you can't refuse.
  • Screen Name Generator   
    Why waste valuable brain cells coming up with a unique screen name when Generator Land's Screen Name Generator can do it for you with the push of a button?
  • The Obamanator   
    The press has been having a field day with President Obama's name (Obamanomics? Obamanation?) so we figured we'd just get all the derivations of Obama out there all at once and be done with it. Click the button until you've seen 'em all.
  • Scary Clown Name Generator   
    If you've decided to slap on the makeup, pop on the nose, and unleash your inner clown on an unsuspecting world, we're here to help you get off on the right (giant) foot with a scary clown name.
  • Snack-O-Matic   
    Mmmm. Salty, crispy, fried, snacks in greasy foil and plastic bags. Somewhere a marketing goon at Frito-Lay is thinking up the next iteration of the chip or the puff but in the meantime, you can easily create your own with the Snack-O-Matic.
  • Soap Digest Generator   
    If your favorite soap is running a little tired, feel free to try ours. The Soap Digest Generator takes the hassle out of watching hours of dialogue by sticking to the important part, the recap.
  • Celebrity Headline Generator   
    Celebrities are misunderstood. If you had all their money, attention, and fame, wouldn't you go off the deep end once in a while? Sure you would! Now you can enjoy the foibles and poor decisions of today's young female celebrities at lightspeed by creating your own headlines. Perez Hilton eat your heart out.
  • Subdivision Name Generator   
    You see signs for them on the highway and in the real estate classifieds: bucolic-sounding paradises where the McMansions are comfortingly similar and people with better lives live in a placid coma state. Create your own with the push of a button.
  • Olympic Event Generator   
    Did you know there's such a thing as Olympic Trampoline? Well there is. And that leads us to wonder what else might qualify as an Olympic Event. Here's your chance to find out.
  • Super Hero Name Generator   
    Why should the people with all the talent, charisma, and good looks always get to be Super heroes? You could be a Super hero, hellz yeah! You just need a good name. Click the shiny red button until you find a name that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies.
  • TV Show Title Mash-Up   
    What happens when you randomly mash up TV Show Titles? You get things like "Hardy Strokes" and "The Wind in the Mother." Help us find more ridiculous TV Show Title Mashups.
  • TV Show Pitch Generator   
    With the TV Show Pitch Generator you can generate hundreds of original TV show ideas, starring actors that a rational person would never yolk together. All ideas suitable for pitching to addle-minded TV network executives.
  • Nun Generator   
    The scourge of Catholic schools and students' knuckles everywhere, our blessed ladies in black an white are always there, lurking, waiting for you to utter a profanity or take the Lord's name in vain. Prepare for judgement day with your own personal nun.
  • NASCAR Driver Name Generator   
    Join the good ol' boys who drive in circles for a living with your own NASCAR driver name. Includes a lucrative sponsorship!
  • First Name Generator   
    Looking for a unique name for your video game avatar, fictional character or child? Look no further than our name generator. Click the button until you get a winner.
  • Newspaper Headline Generator   
    The hallmark of Smalltown, USA is the local newspaper, dishing out harmless gossip and questionable behavior in equal doses. Since news just doesn't happen fast enough in these noble little acres of Americana, we thought we'd come up with a way to generate their quaint headlines a little faster.
  • Law Firm Name Generator   
    When things go horribly wrong, your best bet is to find legal counsel pronto. We'd like to refer you to one of the many fine law firms we've retained here at Generator Land. They're sharks we tells ya. Sharks!
  • Joke Opening Generator   
    The Joke Opening Generator gives you a creative joke opener without the fuss of having to remember the punchline. That's right, you can't get these jokes wrong!
  • Horror Movie Title Generator   
    Are you the next John Carpenter or George Romero? Probably not, but you can at least come up with a great horror movie title thanks to The Horror Movie Title Generator. Try not to scare yourself silly.
  • Horoscope Generator   
    Your future may be written in the stars, but more likely it's just a bunch of random crap. To that end, we present The Horoscope Generator which creates a personalized horoscope just for you. Probably.
  • Hippie Name Generator   
    Get your hippie name, turn on the black lights at the commune and devote your life to love, grass, and the pursuit of more grass. Also make sure not to let the man bring you down.
  • Greek God Generator   
    Today's hip, modern Greek gods need new domains. War, love, the sea are just so 400 B.C. Create a new Greek God that can help with something relevant. Like the doing laundry or coming up with parking meter change.
  • Fantasy Team Name Generator   
    Generate a great fantasy team name in seconds. Whether it's Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, or Fantasy Curling, you can't win without a snappy team name.
  • Gangsta Name Generator   
    You don't have to keep it real to have a fresh gangsta name. In fact, you just have to click a button. Don't thank us, just grab yourself, get angry, and start asking people if they know what you're sayin'. It's all good.
  • Southern Sayings Generator   
    Whether your finer than a frog hair split four ways or as slippery as snot on a glass doorknob, you can learn a thing or three from the homespun sayings born down south. Or you can make up your own with the Southern Sayings Generator.
  • Drug Name Generator   
    One day they'll have a pill for everything. To keep up with the unending demand for pharmaceuticals we've developed the New Drug Generator, which not only provides you with a cure, but also a disease and the requisite side-effects. You don't look so good. Start clicking.
  • Elf Name Generator   
    There's a bad elf in every bunch. His toys don't look quite right, he gives off an odd, musky scent, and he never looks directly at you. It's as if he's looking right through your forehead into your brain. Best to stay away.
  • Willy Name Generator   
    Every willy needs a name, but sometimes it's hard to find a name that will 'stand out.' The Willy Name Generator can help you label your appendage with aplomb.
  • Cover Song Generator   
    Some cover songs have become classics -- often because of the unexpected mash-up of song and artist. Think "Blinded by the Light" by Manfred Mann, "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley, or "Billie Jean" by Chr
  • Indian Name Generator   
    You are of the earth. You walk with the bear and swim with the fish. You must have an Indian name as soon a possible. Now you can! Just click until you feel ready for a spirit quest.
  • British Town Name Generator   
    There's no shortage of creativity in the U.K. when it comes to naming their hamlets, towns, and parishes. Here's your chance to create a brilliant town name and give them a run for their euros. You'll
  • Sex Act Generator   
    Most people have heard of sex acts like The Cleveland Steamer or the Hot Carl. They're sexual chestnuts from the sick and wrong school of comedy. Now you can create your own.
  • Bar Drink Generator   
    Make a name for yourself at your local bar, club, or wedding reception by asking for a drink the bartender's never heard of. Mix and match alcohol and give it a memorable name.
  • Death Metal Band Name Generator   
    Go goth or die. Play fast or perish. Name your Death Metal Band with our Death Metal Band Name Generator and be ready to destroy all stupid enough to oppose you!
  • Celebrity Baby Name Generator   
    Are you an expectant celebrity or simply hate your unborn child? Then try out our Celebrity Baby Name Generator and fit your spawn with a moniker that will have them in counseling by age 5.
  • Character Name Generator   
    Generate entirely unique character names, complete with personality, occupations and more.
  • Frou Frou Restaurant Menu Generator   
    Have you ever wondered how the chefs in those fancy restaurants can keep coming up with such frou frou-sounding menu items like Trundled Duck Confit with a Gorgonzola Reduction? Here's your answer.