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Disease Generator

Generate a nasty disease to inflict upon characters in your world.


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Critkal "Vicious Pox can only be caught once. Symptoms include sugar cravings, joint pain and bleeding sores." Sounds pretty Vicious to me. Good job!
1:59 PM on 9/17/10
bromego123 "Termite Flu leaves the victim vulnerable to future infections. Symptoms include fever, loss of hearing and feelings of panic or confusion." Oww
2:46 AM on 2/8/13
UndeadYeti Sodomized Flu is only dangerous to infants and old. Symptoms include memory loss, back pain and a minor rash.
1:10 PM on 5/22/17
UndeadYeti Choking Fever is caused by a parasite in the digestive system. Symptoms include bright spots in the vision, numbness, and difficulty breathing.
1:11 PM on 5/22/17

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