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Super Hero Name Generator
Super Hero Generator
super hero generator

Another name generator by Generatorland.


Generator Land Members level "Capybara" or above can leave comments.
napdynmite I am "Rash Man!"
12:54 PM on 1/30/10
J-Ho Rash Man, you cannot withstand the super powers of The Impregnable Emu Beater.
10:09 AM on 2/1/10
ThePelton Professor Gravy to the rescue!
2:12 PM on 5/14/10
ThePelton I could write a story about Urge Master, but it would end up being x rated.
2:07 PM on 5/15/10
Arachnakid All hail The Amored Gourd! XD
11:50 PM on 8/25/10
telkol Here comes The Magnificent Monk Maker to save the day!
10:29 PM on 1/25/11
bolibob2 i am Mr crap!
3:43 PM on 5/5/11
bolibob2 and i got super glue XD
3:44 PM on 5/5/11
Evermynd I... am... FORK DUDE!!!
5:16 PM on 12/8/11
Evermynd I... am... FORK DUDE!!!
5:16 PM on 12/8/11
Smaners1222 Wow I got the armpit. Wouldnt wanna be saved by him
8:54 PM on 9/21/12
Ultimo The Human Sludge I like XD
3:54 PM on 10/25/12
Solarius Scorch Stud Master...?
5:22 AM on 2/20/13
Jungle333 The Pelvis. Who thought of that...! :p
9:51 PM on 6/20/13
soliloquySpinner Baron von Mustard and his wife Lady Ketchup save the world from the evil Dr. Mayonnaise and are betrayed by their supposed allies, Sir Ranch and the enigmatic Marquess Mayonnaise.
1:30 AM on 11/26/13
Necrosis33 The Pelton we should form an alliance I am Biscuit Dude.
3:04 AM on 5/11/14
minecraft4evas i am Professor chicken!
4:33 PM on 11/29/14
Sylvia__Maple All hail the might of....... SLEAZE WOMAN!!!!
7:01 PM on 10/9/15
UndeadYeti Guacamole Man! He throws radioactive avocadoes at his enemies!
4:35 PM on 5/11/17
McWhipplestick Behold- THE MASKED CRAP RANGER
3:15 PM on 12/26/17
12:26 AM on 4/16/19
FlameChain Well then.. The mighty shaft dymano!
12:28 AM on 4/16/19
A furry girl I am the mighty Electric Spatula!
12:34 PM on 5/8/20
JunFerra Behold... ANUS DUDE!
1:18 PM on 11/22/21
kawaii.clxwn Elasty whore-
12:13 PM on 10/25/22

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