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since May, 2009

Generati Level: Emu

My Motto:  "Few things are more pleasant than a village graced with a good church, a good priest and a good pub." - John Hillaby

City:  Chicago

State/Province:  Illinois

Country:  USA

Interests:  ASP.NET, homebrewing, running

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Video Game Name Generator
Mary Kate and Ashley's Disaffected Muppet Impersonation
Generated on 7/6/2011
Consumer Confidence Index Generator
Savage Reluctance
Generated on 4/4/2011
Kung Fu Movie Generator
Snickering Squirrel , Swinging Dragon
Generated on 3/31/2011
Biting Farmer , Shrieking Sheep
Generated on 3/30/2011
Reality Show Generator
Gay Fitness Instructors try to build a house with Priests
Generated on 3/1/2011
Kung Fu Movie Generator
Farting Hornet , Stuttering Dog
Generated on 3/1/2011
Facebook Status Generator
I stay away from annoying cabana boys
Generated on 1/10/2010
Death Metal Band Name Generator
The Unholy Colon
Generated on 1/2/2010
Horoscope Generator
You can accomplish anything, as long as it's painfully easy. • Your weight problem is not why people don't like you. • Your next Career: Skeptic • Defrost your freezer before it's too late.
Generated on 12/30/2009
Your cable company hates you. • Two words: Blunt Trauma • Work out. Then again, why bother? • Name your sexual organs after old time TV characters.
Generated on 12/16/2009
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