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BTCAF Story/Comic Idea Generator

Come up with "your own" story/comic idea about Blaze the Cat and her friends. (Notice: Lapis, Gloomy, Bronze, Rust, & Grigio are boys. Everyone else is a girl.)


Generator Land Members level "Capybara" or above can leave comments.
Connor-Banjoper Blaze tries to get a driver's license.
9:08 AM on 2/16/17
Connor-Banjoper Gloomy unintentionally exposes ticklishness.
9:08 AM on 2/16/17
Connor-Banjoper Orris gets chosen to go to an inflation party with Blaze.
9:49 AM on 2/16/17
Connor-Banjoper Gloomy somehow becomes pregnant (even though he's a boy).
9:50 AM on 2/16/17
Connor-Banjoper Lunar gets inflated by a P Balloon.
9:54 AM on 2/16/17
Connor-Banjoper Strawberry gets inspired to live a dangerous life.
2:51 PM on 2/16/17
Connor-Banjoper Blaze gives the other Blaze Characters power-ups from New Super Mario Brothers: Wii.
3:26 PM on 3/12/17

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