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Confucius Says
The Beck Song Generator
Click the button. Say the lyrics. Rock the house. Repeat.

Another name generator by Generatorland.


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ThePelton Are you sure that's not David Spade?
6:31 PM on 4/28/10
varitysinning Who wouldn't want to "Freakin' with a Pretzel
10:41 PM on 5/16/10
sonicfan101 i wanna sleepin' with a taco!!!XD
7:14 AM on 5/24/10
esnipplee scratching like a tuna , living a cordless rhubarb, freaking with a speaker, He's got a crunchy sweet tail, Aint no ugly slim beat
4:15 AM on 6/28/10
ceeceeroxx this so funny!
7:06 PM on 12/7/10
Ravencrime Jumpin on a cheeto... Get down with a funky sheep... Hang our uptight pigeon... He got that crunchy bad smell... Dance that messed up pigeon... Snacking on a muffin... Need some stinky French groove!!!!!!
11:01 AM on 4/29/11
princessrec Love that freaky new beat Honey wants this freaky new groove Fido need that stupid good move Ain't no sexy sweet groove (Chorus)My world's spinnin',too much to do,my world's spinnin' and it's making me diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzyyyyyy!
7:02 AM on 6/5/11
oinkforham snorin' like a porkchop!
9:57 AM on 6/17/11
kuesopop Stale like ginger ale
10:04 AM on 10/1/11
SPICYxMcHaggis Share all the cocaine gravy
1:20 PM on 2/6/12
Evermynd Jumpin' like a freak show
12:15 PM on 6/25/12
Evermynd Sleepin' with a cheeto
12:15 PM on 6/25/12
Evermynd she gotta stinky bad cheese
12:16 PM on 6/25/12
Evermynd Creepin' like a tapeworm!!!!
12:16 PM on 6/25/12
Arkio Dharkaea "Borrow our sunday sheep." ... and sacrifice them to Ishtar.
6:28 PM on 7/27/12

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