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The Horrid Dinner

What's the main entree for tonight's feasting? Well... you might not be so happy when you find out...


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mlpgenerators "Scrambled white cheddar cheese wheel topped with deep fried bread crumbs and topped with deep fried bread crumbs." Actually... i'd love that.
7:30 PM on 4/9/14
MechaBeethoven I agree with mlpgnerators. Sliced, on crackers. Warm rutabaga deep fried in butter and baked with spiced potatoes--mmmm, quite the vegetarian treat! Not vegan, but close to it.
12:50 PM on 3/28/15
kitsuneae "Sweet and Sour donut holes deep fried in butter and served in a frosted glass with rainbow sprinkles on top. " Yep, it's edible!
6:49 PM on 8/28/15
homuncularquidnunc "Fresh vanilla frosting thrown in a pie and baked and served in a frosted glass with rainbow sprinkles on top." sounds revolting.
10:17 PM on 9/2/15
AKPOP1010 Ew I got "greasy muffins with sauteed onions and topped with shredded cheese" how dare you insult muffins like this? XD
10:08 AM on 5/18/19

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