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Warrior Cats Generator #1 (Name, Gender, Clan & Rank Gen)

Mostly a name generator, however I included a bit of extra factual information. If you get Dark Forest, StarClan, BloodClan, Loner, Rogue, Or Kittypet for the 'Clan, you can ignore the last one since they wouldn't have any ranks. And if you get kit/apprentice/leader on the last one but the suffix isn't star, kit, or paw, feel free to change it to that for the character if you will be using that part of it. And if you get a cat with the suffix kit, and the last category says they're anything but a kit, well just ignore that and pretend it says kit! If you get a cat with the paw suffix (not to be confused with the pawS suffix) but the rank category says theyre a deputy, medicine cat, warrior, queen, leader or anything, then also ingore that and pretend it's either medicine cat apprentice or a normal one! Also, incase anyone doesn't know, the prefix is the first part of a cats name. The suffix is the second part. (EX. Spottedleaf's prefix is Spotted, suffix is Leaf. Graystripe's prefix is Gray, and his suffix is stripe and so on.)i'll try to make a gen for appearence, personality, tribe, early settlers, etc. :>


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